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Based in British Columbia, Canada, Wizard IT Services has been providing advanced IT and computing services to local and international clients for over 27 years. We have a wide range of expert system managers, developers and consultants recognized for their skills in the following areas: programming & development, security consultation, linux administration & installations and network systems.

Programming & Development

Wizard IT Services has its own dedicated team of programmers and developers that can modify or support existing infrastructures and software or develop custom applications. With their continual commitment to security and training in the latest technologies, they have the ability to find solutions with lower overall costs and the highest level of support possible. With its sister company, LinuxMagic, Wizard IT Services has the ability to deploy solutions in either Windows or Linux/Unix environments. With their own Linux distributions, we provide the most advanced technologies - right down to the operating system level.

Below is a list of just some of our in-house programming services:

  • Web Related Programming
    • PHP, Perl, CGI
    • Java, JavaScript, XML, AJAX
  • Database Related Programming
    • Oracle databases and development
    • MySQL, Postgres and other OpenSource databases
    • Microsoft Access
  • Linux Programming
    • Debian, Slackware, Redhat, SUSE, and all other major distributions
    • Kernel programming
    • Network programming
    • Shell scripting
    • Security, Firewall, VPN and other security related issues
    • Reporting, tracking and monitoring tools
  • C Programming Skills
    • C, C++, and cross platform deployment
    • Custom modification of existing applications
    • Kernel, networking, multi-server environments
  • Microsoft Platforms
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Visual Basic
    • Microsoft VBScript
  • Existing Software Projects
    • Bug tracking systems
    • Linux operating system distribution
    • Firewall products
    • Game development
    • Web programs, statistical trackers, access controls, Dynamic HTML
    • Custom accounting systems
    • High volume mail processing scripts
    • E-Commerce systems

Linux Services

Wizard IT Services has been involved with Linux and Linux Development since its infancy. Due to the high demand for Linux experts and consultants, Wizard has created a entire Linux division as a sister company - LinuxMagic Inc. While Linux made its reputation as the best platform for Internet servers, such as mail, web, and firewall services etc. its power has now become mainstream in the corporate workplace. Whether it's deployment of file servers, network servers, database servers, or in the desktop environment, Linux has proven itself most competent with its 24/7 uptimes, and low maintenance requirements. LinuxMagic and Wizard IT can provide you with Linux solutions, help you with specific software needs, and provide you with outsourced support and administration. For end to end solutions, LinuxMagic is the number one Linux support house for British Columbia.

Below is a list of just some of our Linux services:

  • Linux Deployment
    • Assessment
    • Installation
    • Support for virtually any distribution
    • Database servers
    • Firewall servers
    • File sharing
    • Authentication servers
    • Mail servers
    • Internet servers
    • Complete testing and custom performance enhancements
  • Linux Support Services
    • Remote administration
    • Security and system hardening
    • Security assessments
    • Recovery and backup solutions
    • Support contracts
    • Printer and peripheral support
    • Desktop support
    • Upgrades and hardware solutions
    • Debugging and problem solving
  • Linux Administration
    • Routine performance checks
    • Routine log analysis
    • Complete administration packages
    • Software support, installation, compiling and customization
    • User and system permissions
  • Linux Development
    • Linux strengths are it is so versatile, we can customize to your specifications
    • Development on all platforms
    • Embedded project development
    • Custom distributions and installers
    • Custom scripting and programming
    • Custom desktop applications
    • Custom database development
  • Oracle on Linux
    • Nothing makes Oracle run better, and offers a more robust and cost-effective operating system
    • Mission criticals upport
    • Installation
    • Backup solutions
    • Performance enhancements
    • Support
    • Custom ProC programming

Internet & Network Services

Wizard IT Services offers many internet and network services. We service local and international clients, and provide the highest level of expertise for both small and large businesses. Through outsourcing to other industries, ISPs and businesses, Wizard's reputation of excellence has been well proven. Testimonials from clients all over the world show that outsourcing to Wizard IT Services provides higher security, better services, and lower overall costs.

Below is a list of just some of our Internet & Network services:

  • Internet Security Consultation
    • Security audits
    • Implementation of security measures
    • Implementation of complete data privacy
    • Post-attack analysis and recovery
  • Firewall Setup and Deployment
    • NAT (allows for Internet sharing for your entire office with access controls)
    • Virtual private
    • Encrypted data transfers between offices
    • Protection from hackers
    • Logging of attempted infiltration
    • Controlled remote access
  • Mail Server Setup, Configuration and Administration
    • Anti-spam and anti-virus techniques
    • Advanced webmail servers
    • Security
    • Logging and tracking
  • Web Server Deployment, Setup and Security
    • Advanced web servers
    • Java, ASP, CGI
    • Database integration
    • Security
    • Website Design
    • Statistical tracking
  • Various other Internet Servers, FTP, Chat, Instant Messaging

  • Internet integration
    • Allow controlled access via the Internet to internal resources and databases
    • Internet database setup
    • Integrating internal technologies with internet technologies
  • E-Commerce Solutions

Security Services

Wizard IT Services has been involved in security for many years, and has a team of individuals that keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, exploits, and prevention measures. Whether the security issues are internal, public, server related or software related, Wizard IT Services can provide protection, detection, recovery and investigation. 80% of Internet users rate privacy as a major concern, and 70% rate security as a major concern. Have you had an audit of your systems? In this age of corporate espionage, disgruntled staff, and human error, prevention should be the first line of defense. Monitoring can prevent costly legal issues as well. How important is your data? Are you liable for its loss? What is the cost of downtime? Wizard IT Services can help.

Below is a list of just some of our security services:

  • Complete Security Audits
    • Level One security audits to complete lock-down modes
    • Prevention of attacks
    • Prevention of access
    • Access audits
    • Software security updates
    • White Hat security attack testing
    • Penetration testing
    • Security consultations and network security proposals
  • Data Recovery
    • Recovering from data loss by human error
    • Recovering from data loss on tape or hard media
    • Recovering deleted files and data
    • Recovering operating systems
  • Hackers and Crackers
    • Recovery and prevention
    • Tracing
    • Monitoring
    • Investigation
    • Complete before, during and after attack solutions
  • Investigation
    • Tracing source user
    • Tracing point of entry
    • Tracing source point
    • Tracing via the Internet
  • Complete Data Deletion
    • To prevent later recovery of sensitive data
  • Usage Monitoring
    • Internet usage monitoring
    • Email monitoring
    • Connection monitoring
  • Surveillance
    • Video systems
    • Desktop usage
  • Data Mining Solutions
    • Searching through data for information
    • Automated search and discover techniques
    • Fuzzy logic search
  • Firewall and Encryption Technologies
    • Firewall, access prevention, custom rule systems
    • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) over the Internet
    • Encryption technologies for private data storage and transmissions
  • Backup Solutions
    • Tape, disk and hard media
    • External backup systems
    • Failover systems

ISP & Telco Services

Below is a list of just some of our ISP & Telco services:

  • Email Services
    • Email servers and outsourcing
    • DHCP, Radius
    • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection
    • DNS

Web Design & Hosting

Wizard IT Services offers complete professional web design from the ground up. We can get your business or organization on the Internet and generating traffic with a total package designed to meet your specific needs. Mailing lists, e-commerce, statistical analysis of your site's performance, chat, and just about anything else you might require.

Below is a list of just some of our web design and development services:

    • Internet marketing
    • Graphic design
    • Statistical information
    • Mailing lists
    • Databases
    • Java, Javascript, AJAX
    • Advanced programming
    • Corporate integration
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Chat, games, and surveys

Wizard IT Services is a full service organization. That means that all our design and development is done in-house. With all our web projects, we emphasize professional look and feel, and eye-catching design.

Whether you want to start with our Internet starter kit or have us design an advanced interactive website, we have the experts on hand.

Wizard Internet knows how to do all the advanced features that make the difference between a simple web page and corporate web site. Knowing when to use flashy graphics and when not to, how to design pages that will help your ranking on search engines, and how to design them so they load quickly, and so your clients can find what they are looking for, these things require the years of expertise that Wizard Internet can offer you. Knowing what new advancements you can add to a web site to better service your market, and also recommendations of our Internet marketing team to best target your market, are all benefits from dealing with a professional service, and when you add our 24/7 support plan, your website has the greatest chance of success.

In today's market, you cannot afford to have a slow or inconsistent site. Wizard IT Services understands that every 'hit' or visit that you miss, can mean lost revenues. Our services ensure that you have the best in service, performance, and support. Our prices are the most competitive on the market.

Wizard IT Services is a Canadian Company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd., which has been involved in the Internet since its early days. Because of the technical experience that the whole organization has, Wizard IT Services has at its disposal top technical know-how and Unix/Linux (the main operating system of the Internet) experts, as well as a top level network and server team that provides for the highest performance and services of its internet department. As well, the E-Commerce, graphics, and programming skills have enabled Wizard IT Services to provide innovative and powerful websites for it's commercial customers.

Whether you want to create a web presence for your company, or allow Wizard Internet to provide the hosting, the service levels are always superior.

For more information on any of our services, our web hosting packages, or even a marketing consultation for how the Internet can help your business, feel free to contact us in our offices. We also offer domain name registration services for both Canadian and International names.

Customer Support

For technical support related to email, dialup accounts, domain name registration, corporate accounts and setup problems, please contact our technical support department, available 24 hours a Day, 7 day a week, at (604) 682-0022 or send an email to: support@wizard.ca

Wizard Internet has specialty services available as well, including remote system administration, audio and visual equipment, office computerization, connectivity, and network services. In addition we also provide help lines, mailing lists and online support services for our corporate clients.

For information contact our sales department at (604) 682-0022 or send an email to: sales@wizard.ca

For Technical Assistance, contact our service representatives directly at (604) 682-0022.

You can also send email to support@wizard.ca

Wizard Internet can fulfil your networking requirements. From small home based businesses, to corporate connectivity. We offer services and support for Windows, and Unix. We can set up your office to have full Internet access while protecting vital office resources with firewalls and subnets. We also design and deploy corporate intranets.

We can help set up your own Internet Servers or Mailers for your company.

For Technical Assistance, contact our service representatives directly at (604) 682-0022

You can also send email to support@wizard.ca

Do you have a need for regular maintenance and support on your companies computers or Intranet? Wizard Internet offers service contracts. From monthly visits for routine maintenance to full fledged complete system administration. Reduce computer downtime, as well as increase company productivity. Leave all your computer solutions to one company and save on headaches.

For Technical Assistance, contact our service representatives directly at (604) 682-0022.

You can also send email to support@wizard.ca