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Wizard IT Services

Wizard IT Services began its operations in 1992 as a full service Internet Solutions Provider in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

We have, over the past 27 years, established a reputation in the ISP industry as a reliable and professional partner whose main focus is to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Web Hosting, Server Parking (Co-Location), Web Site Design, and Network Solutions are all areas in which Wizard IT Services has established a credible and solid presence. We serve a roster of clients as diverse as the Internet itself, with clients in here in Canada, The United Kingdom, The U.S. and several other countries.

With the continuing evolution of the Internet into the world's primary marketplace, the network security will continue to be of great importance to any company who is serious about its future. We have ample experience deploying network security solutions, server applications, and integration on both Windows and UNIX/Linux environments.

As a Linux/UNIX Support Specialist we are uniquely positioned to serve the emerging Linux desktop and thin server market. Our experience in the installation, configuration, and deployment of Linux/UNIX servers and server applications gives us the added advantage of knowing the direction which the industry will take. Knowledge we apply when designing your Network Security strategy.

We believe that the source of our continual success is our team of dedicated professionals. We take great pride in the work we do for our clients and work diligently to ensure their satisfaction.

The Internet will continue to offer great opportunities for companies with the vision and expertise to capitalize on its potential, however, it is critical for these companies to have a strong working relationship with their Internet Solutions Provider. We have forged such a relationship with all our clients, becoming and integral part of their business and a reliable partner.

When it comes to service, expertise and professionalism, we take a back seat to no one. Our record of professional and reliable service speaks volume about our commitment and loyalty to our clients.

Our technical personnel are ready to assist you. From the most complex real-world networking issues to advice on purchasing you first web site, domain name and/or setting up a dial-up account. Wizard IT Services, is at your service today.